EN: A Facebook page Hokej je kus našeho života has become a media partner of the LAPP Cup 2016

28.08.2016 22:19

A Facebook page Hokej je kus našeho života (Hockey is a part of our lives) has become a media partner the 6th annual International Sledge Hockey Tournament. This page has already received over 17,000 likes. On this page you can find information about every particular event in the incoming day as well as a summary after every tournament's day. Some bonuses during a particular day are not excluded, either. "We are wery glad to have agreed upon a cooperation and promotion on a webpage as significant as the Hokej je kus našeho života," says the LAPP Cup Marketing Dept. spokesman Jakub Kudláč. He added however that information about sledge hokey in particular does not share much in general throughout the Facebook. "And yet, most people get the various news on Facebook respectively," explains Kudláč.

The link to the Hokej je kus našeho života webpage is here! www.facebook.com/kusnasehozivota/?fref=ts