EN: Game scheduling and the game system: the group winner goes right to the finals, Zlin starts with Mjosa

02.09.2019 15:50

LAPP Cup Zlín, International Para Hockey Tournament starts its 9th season on Thursday, September 5. Five European elite teams are to gather in Zlín, in the rosters of whose there is a total of 22 players from the last World Para Hockey Championship.

Because of only five teams involved, the organizers had to establish a new game system which goes as follows: there is a round robin in the tournament’s body games, the group winner slips right to the finals and avoids the playoffs. Playoffs for the finals are to play in between the teams on the second and the third place in total, whilst the defeated one will compete for the bronze. Their opponent comes from the game between the fourth and fifth team: the winner progresses to the bronze game, the loser ends in the LAPP Cup tournament. The bronze game starts on Saturday September 7 at 9:30am, the gold game start on the same day at 11:30am. Both games shall last 3x 15 minutes. The other games in the base groups shall last 2x 15 minutes.

LAPP Cup has always been followed by a large amount of fans and media, the interest of whose is confirmed for this year’s tournament as well. „We suppose that at least three from the four games in the base group could be sold out. Currently, the game against Italy is almost sold out already. We still believe that the fans will arrive, the admission is for FREE,” says PR Manager of the team SHK LAPP Zlín, Jakub Kudláč, addressing the fans.

Furthermore, we are in connection with the Czech public-broadcast TV. I am afraid there will be no live broadcast of any game because there is the World Basketball Championship going on at the same time, thus the whole broadcasting time belongs to it. However, a 15-minutes long report will be scheduled for broadcast on the Czech ČT Sport channel on Thursday 12 September at 11am“, adds Kudláč.