EN: Technological novelties in LAPP Cup: online reports and live broadcasts on YouTube

06.09.2017 21:58

The international sledge hockey tournament LAPP Cup Zlín 2017 technologically improves again. Its fans can look forward to online reports from the games or live broadcasts. The latter however on YouTube already!

The above mentioned online reports from all games are an absolute novelty in the tournament. "Fans will be able to watch the progress in all the games, they will be provided with the most current information about goals scored, penatlies, statistics and so on. They can also read about team rosters and many statistics from past years on our website", says Petr Julina, the tournament CEO.


Online reports HERE.

Live broadcastig on YouTube is the other mentioned novelty. "We have been broadcasting on TVcom but we chose YouTube this year. That channel has an advantage in enabling the fans to replay the broadcast or possibly join the discussion with other viewers", Julina indulges.


Youtube streams HERE.