EN: Zlín Prepares For Sledge Hockey Holiday, 22 Players From World Championship To Come

02.09.2019 11:06

Twenty two players who had appeared in the World Para Hockey Championship this May will come to Zlín to compete in the 9th LAPP Cup Tournament that is to take place from Thursday September 5 to Saturday September 7. Names of those nominated players are truly respectable:

Norwegian coach Espen Hedge picked up the gauntlet by his nomination. A total of nine Mjosa players took place in the latest World Championship. The team is filled with so many great players, that two other skilled forwards even reinforced the team Malmö. The only women in sledge hockey, Lena Shroder, will represent Norway in this tournament, as well.

The Italians would like to win the gold medal at least, which escaped from them already for the sixth time in history, last year with the home team of Zlín, for that matter. The usually strong Italian team will arrive without their captain Sandro Kalegaris. He however will be fully substituted by the Russian sniper Dmitry Lisov. There are six participants from the World Championship in the Italian roster.

After having ended as the last ones in the late tournament, the Swedes also reinforced their roster. Except for three World Championship participants, goalie Nilsson and defenders Lundgren and Ingvarsson, also a fast German forward Bernhard Hering will wear the Malmö team jersey, just as the two above mentioned Norwegian forwards Audun Bakke and Magnus Bogle, both also from the World Championship.

SHK LAPP ZLÍN (Czech Republic)
Home team Zlín relies on their base players who will get the occasion to fully compare their skills with the international sledge hockey. There are no special reinforcements reported, except for usual defense supplement with Jan Zapletal, originating in Zlin. Also Pavel Julina, with his 21st season in defense will be there, just as Zdeněk Hábl, the third most productive player and the best Czech player as for pointage in the latest World Championship. He is also the only Czech participant of the May‘s World Championship.

Two Slovakian forwards Martin Joppa and Marian Ligda will create a reliable pair of forwards. „It does not matter we lack reinforcements like last years. We want to grant our players enough space to acquire priceless experience and become our most reliable players in the future. We will see it on the ice rink how some of them cope up with it“, says Tomáš Sedláček, the SHK LAPP Zlín coach.

Presumably least powerful team comes from Vienna. However one nominated name stands out. Italian Gabriele Lanza, also the World Championship participant, could be the main forward power thereof. He had scored one of the goals in the last year’s LAPP Cup finals, back then still as a part of the team Tirol Eagles. Their goalkeeping post will be represented by the Czech goalie Petr Boček.