EN: Russian Perspektiva not to take place on the tournament due to doping, the tournament system altered

24.08.2016 16:49

The LAPP Cup directory is to solve an uncomfortable matter these days. The Russian Paralympics Committee has been completely expelled from events scheduled by the IPC. Except the Olympics, those events involve also the sledge hockey tournament in Zlín. The reason for their expelling is the state-controlled doping.  Therefore, Russian junior representatives from the team Perspektiva Russia will not come to Zlín in September.


“As soon as there were the first signs of the Russian team about going to be disqualified, we addressed some of those teams that we previously could not accept to the tournament due to insufficient free positions in the tournament’s roster. Unfortunately, it was too late for those teams and they could not replace the Perspektiva team, for which the tournament has prematurely ended as of today,”says the LAPP Cup’s CEO Petr Julina.


Thus, only seven teams shall start on the tournament whereas the tournament system will be the so called “each against everyone”. The playing match time of all the games will be 2 x 15 minutes.

List of contestants:

Oslo Tigers (Norway)
Weserstars Bremer (Germany)
Carinthian Steelers (Austria)
FIFH Malmö (Sweden)
Fenix Moscow (Russia)
South Tyrols Eagles (Italy)
SHK LAPP Zlín (Czechia)